“Loneliness is the sudden realisation that you are not needed anymore, by anybody, for anything. It’s worse than pain or illness, it feels like you’re just waiting to die”
Margaret, Making Connections beneficiary (2017)

Do you ever think of the impact long dark Winter days can have on the older generation in your family?

Did you know that loneliness and isolation are worse for your health than smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, and twice as deadly as obesity?

In your own community, many older people are facing endless days alone in their homes. Loss of mobility, friends passing away, and other age-related challenges leave people extremely vulnerable. The impact of loneliness can be devastating.

Making Connections (CHY21301- CRA 20149635) is a local charity with a vision of communities where no older person is lonely or isolated. We know older people need more than ‘services’, they need company, human warmth, genuine interest and meaningful interaction. We provide these through befriending.

– Older people in critical need of social support are referred to Making Connections
– Volunteers are then screened, garda vetted, trained and provided with ongoing support
– We then match volunteers with an older person based on their shared interests e.g. gardening, walking, music,    art, and sports, to name a few
– Each volunteer visits the older person for an hour a week in their own home

Recently, one of our volunteers did something extraordinary for the lady she visited. Maura, arrived at Noirin’s house for her weekly visit, but immediately noticed two days’ worth of milk on her doorstep and her walker inside the door.
After a quick call to Noirin’s daughter, they were able to get in and find Noirin on the bed. She’d had a stroke getting dressed the previous morning. She was all but dressed apart from the necklace lying beside her.
A few short days later, Noirin passed away. Her family have expressed their eternal gratitude Maura found their Mum that day.

‘Despite the grief we feel every day with Mum’s passing, it was such a comfort that she did not die alone, we had been trying to convince Mum to accept the volunteer support since Christmas, and it must have been divine providence that Maura braved the bad weather that day to find her, thank you Making Connections’.

This Christmas, we’re asking you to help us support people like Noirin, who really treasure the company at this time of the year. Every donation Making Connections receives will be a gift to the vulnerable older people in your community.

Thank you,


Mary O’Donohue
Making Connections CEO

Email: info@makingconnections.ie