dlr Cultural Connections – Night 2


We had our second outing of ‘dlr Cultural Connections’ last night when we accompanied a group of volunteers and older people to see a play called ‘My Aunt Bee’ at Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire.

An Irish comedy of sorts, the play was thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance. However, what stood out most for us was when one of our older people told us that this was more than just a show for her, it was a rare – but very welcome – opportunity for her to have an evening out socialising with people with whom she shares common interests. There was even great surprise when two of the older people in attendance realised they live very close to each other – both were delighted and have agreed to catch up for tea very soon!

dlr Cultural Connections is managed by Making Connections, funded by the DLR CoCo/ HSE Arts & Health Partnership with the support of Pavilion Theatre.