Give an hour gain an hour
(16 - 31 October)

When the clocks go back, it’s an extra hour in bed right?
But what if we could gain so much more?

This October Making Connections are challenging you to give your extra hour to celebrate the valuable contribution of older people. Just one hour can help us tackle stereotyping, isolation and loneliness – and inspire others to connect the generations. It’s fun and simple. All you have to do is follow these steps;

1. Connect

Contact an older person (friend or family) who you know but don’t normally have time for.

2. Give

BOTH agree to share an hour with each other – at home, a café, a walk, anywhere that suits you both.

3. Gain

EXCHANGE something interesting or fun with each other A story, skill, activity, wisdom or simply some laughter.

4. Post

Share a photo and a few lines on Making Connections Facebook depicting what you BOTH have gained. Can be the two of you (make sure you get consent) or something showing what you shared together.

5. Tweet

Tweet your photo including "#makingconnections @connections_ie" Your photo will help us INSPIRE OTHERS to make a connection.

How to make a connection – Here’s what you can say:

“Hi! I’m involved with Making Connections a local non-profit organisation – they’re launching an exciting new campaign, Give an Hour Gain an Hour when the clocks go back in October. The aim is to connect the generations and inspire others to do the same by showing the mutual benefits of these connections. To spread this wonderful idea, I’d love to share my extra hour with you. All we have to do is share an hour together and post photo and story about what we both gained from our experience. It’s fun and simple. Would you like to do this with me?”

Sample message

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