Volunteer Recognition from the Irish Times


We are delighted to see Making Connections Volunteer, Camilla Mahon profiled by the Irish Times as part of National Volunteering Week 2015. Here are some highlights from her interview;

Camilla, who has just finished a degree in psychology decided to become a volunteer after seeing how her grandfather’s death affected her grandmother… “I’ve seen how upsetting it was for her to lose her partner of over 50 years… I came across Making Connections and told them all about my grandparents and that I wanted to work with older people.”

“The first lady I met once a week for about a year. She never married and lived on her own in the family home. She had a car accident which resulted in her losing her independence. Initially, my role was to encourage her to go for walks,” Mahon says.
Over a year her weekly visits encouraged the woman to go back outside… She had low self-confidence after the accident, but she was such a gem to visit.”

Mahon says that, as well as giving something back to her community, she has benefited from volunteering with Making Connections. “I’ve made lots of new friends. There is a complete mix of people who volunteer – although they are mainly women. In fact, we need more men.”

In addition, “I’ve become more confident. I’m really shy, and I was very nervous that I wouldn’t have anything to say, but I’ve become more aware of other people through the volunteering. There is such a huge lack of human contact nowadays. I realise now that even saying hello to an older person on the street can make such a difference to their day.”

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